Artesian Valley Texel Sheep

So much to talk about regarding the advantages of Texel sheep. We strive for a flock that are easy to maintain, good mothers that milk well, quick gaining lambs, and higher yields at processing.  Try a Texel and see the immediate difference in the lambs and your bottom line.  No other breed compares in taste, tenderness, with a lean healthy cut of delicious lamb. Yum, yum!  Our customers using Texel sires to sire terminal lambs in their hair sheep flocks are absolutely amazed at the difference in growth, muscle, carcass yields, and parasite resistance.

We pride ourselves on a quality flock and sell nothing to a producer we wouldn't breed.

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Wilcox 400 PU NRGCH

Named 2017 Reserve National Champion and just a lamb! Wilcox 400 is a ram with power and balance.  He is wide and straight tracking on the move. Brings soundness and power both to the table!

Bokelman 5102

5102 is a ram we used in 2016.  We kept several daughters as lambs.  They are wide based and powerful Texel Sheep.

Pine Knob Farm 1408 NGCH

This is a reference ram in our pedigrees. 1408 was named National Champion in 2015 and well deserved the title.  Balance, power, muscle mass, and soundness wrapped up in an impressive package.  We have daughters and granddaughters in the flock and are grateful for that.

Artesian Valley 234

234 is a ram we kept back to use from the crop in 2014.  He was growthy and correct on his feet and legs.   Excellent muscling is passed onto his lambs, who are sometimes extreme in their muscle when fed well.

Artesian Valley TN100 'Rambo'

Artesian Valley TN0100 'Rambo'

Rambo is a ram born spring of 2018.  We used him as a primary sire due to his explosive rate of gain.  Sired by the 2017 Res National Champion Wilcox 400 ram and out of a Fisher ewe by Portland Prairie 0065 out of a Mertex Ripper dam.  Rambo is big and square with excellent muscling.

AI Import Rams

Groughfoot Wizard

A heavy muscled ram from the United Kingdom we will use via Artificial Insemination.

Cambwell Trademark

Trademark is an import sire from the U.K. to be used AI.

Elmscleugh Assassin

An extremely well balanced UK ram that passes his good conformation and heavy muscling to his offspring. A ram chosen as a lamb to work the Logie Durno flock.

Glenway Yosemite

UK import sire from a pasture based program.

Glenway Yellowstone

UK import sire from a pasture raised program.

Granite Untouchable

A very high gaining heavy muscled import sire from the UK.

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