2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale

Lot 355 Fall Ram

Artesian Valley TN0070 born 9/2/17

Sire: Artesian Valley 234 

(Silvara Valley SV 45 x Fisher K116)

Dam: Fisher P66

(Pine Knob Farm 1408 x Fisher J151)

Sold to Missouri. 

Lot 356 Yearling Ewe

Artesian Valley TN0034 born 3/4/17

Sire: Bokelman 5102

(Bokelman 11821 x Bokelman 10-271)

Dam: Roden 1420 RR

(Adams 2147 x Fisher J92)

Big ewe full of muscle!!  Widest loin we have ever put in one.  This rip is just good!  Flock builing type of ewe!  Sold to Ohio.

Lot 357 Yearling Ewe

Artesian Valley TN0053 born 2/15/17

Sire:  Bokelman 5102

(Bokelman 11821 x Bokelman 10-271)

Dam: Fisher K57 QR TR

(Portland Prairie 9053 x Fisher G24)

Stought made medium frame yearling ewe that is good and sound. Sold to Ohio.

Lot 358 Fall Ewe Lamb

Artesian Valley TN0082 born 9/1/17

Sire: Artesian Valley 234

(Silvara VAlley SV 45 x Fisher K116)

Dam: Artesian Valley P9 TN0013

(Pine Knob Farm 1529 x Fisher K116)

A heavily muscled ewe lamb that is correct made in every way.  Out of a dam line that is our muscle producing family.  Line bred on our top brood ewe K116.  Sold to Tennessee.

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National Texel Show 6/26/18

Sale Date 6/28/18